Coastal and Underwater Archaeology Field School

By Ivana Kubalová, student of MA program in Maritime Civilizations, 2018-2019 Cohort. We started the day, February 10th, early in the morning by arriving to the Habonim base at 6:30. This became our daily routine during a two-week course entitled “Coastal and Underwater Archaeology Field School.” While waiting for the remaining members of our team to arrive…

Reflections of an Alumna – Shanghai Study Trip

By Veronika Loiferman, Alumna of the International MBA, Lily Class (2016-2017) The Shanghai Study Trip is undoubtedly the highlight of the International MBA Program. Eleven of us spent 8 exhilarating days in Shanghai and Suzhou. We were welcomed in 8 Chinese companies, from a huge State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) that builds infrastructure projects all over the…

Sea Us

By Ariel Polakoff, a student of MA program in Maritime Civilizations, the cohort of 2015-2016. Just off the coast of Israel, the Mediterranean Sea is a clear blue with small rolling waves continuing their endless pattern heading towards the shore. Divers are floating in a circle at the surface of the water preparing to go…

From Brussels, with Love

From Brussels, with Love-
For the second year in a row, the International Graduate Program in National Security Studies at the University of Haifa graciously accepted an invitation by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for a three-day all-expense-paid trip to Brussels, Belgium.

National Security Studies Brussels Excursion-NATO Trip 2016

This is the second year that the graduate program of National Security Studies visits the NATO headquartered in Brussels. They used this opportunity to ask, learn and expand their knowledge about NATO and the EU with leading experts.