Reflections of an Alumna – Shanghai Study Trip

By Veronika Loiferman, Alumna of the International MBA, Lily Class (2016-2017)


The Shanghai Study Trip is undoubtedly the highlight of the International MBA Program.

Eleven of us spent 8 exhilarating days in Shanghai and Suzhou. We were welcomed in 8 Chinese companies, from a huge State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) that builds infrastructure projects all over the world (including in Israel) to small start-ups in computer-assisted architecture and medical devices and to the China HQ of Nilit in Suzhou. We had enriching exchanges with senior managers of these companies and at FOSUN, one of China’s most successful private corporations in China that is already invested in several Israeli companies.

We were guests of Kehilat Shanghai where we met dozens of Israeli and Jewish business people living and working in Shanghai.

We attended useful presentations by Chinese MBA lecturers at Tongji University and by the Deputy Consul General of Israel in Shanghai.

We tasted different kinds of Chinese cuisine and learned to appreciate the originality and infinite diversity of the dishes.

We had dinner with MBA graduates and students at ECNU (Haifa University partner in Shanghai) and had a chance to work with them on our projects in the Joint Seminar.

We had a wonderful time at the best known Chinese circus.

Of course, we had also time for shopping! Shopping in Shanghai is a rare experience and the organizers of the Trip are quite knowledgeable on the good places.

As a professional in the pharma industry, the Shanghai Study Trip organized for me a private fruitful encounter with an important Shanghai company in our field. Many other participants in the Shanghai Study Trip made promising professional contacts. Personal one-on-one contacts are the first necessary step for any kind of dealings in China.



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