International MPH accredited by the American CEPH

The University of Haifa is pleased and proud to announce that the International MPH in Global Health Leadership and Administration (I-MPH) has been accredited in the United States by the official public health education accrediting organization, the Council for Education in Public Health, CEPH. The University of Haifa in Israel, founded in 1962, is a public university with approximately 18,000 students. The I-MPH becomes only the 3rd accredited program or school outside of North America. The accreditation identifies the program as having met the rigorous standards of education established for US graduate programs in public health. Additionally, the accreditation status allows students to receive recognition for their education in certain US government jobs.

The I-MPH has recently started it’s fourth year, having educated over 40 students from 20 different countries, six different continents, five religions, and multiple ethnic groups. This English language program attracts students interested in global and public health and emphasizes the global nature of public health.

The program’s mission is to produce public health professionals who will become leaders in global health and who will have integrated knowledge and training in health services management and health policy as well as epidemiology, biostatistics, social sciences, and health and environmental sciences. The program will provide its students with a multi- disciplinary approach. It will seek to provide in-depth recognition of health systems and their stakeholders together with understanding of the needs and constraints of health systems in the economic and political spheres. The program’s graduates will be capable of implementing broad and systemic thinking in the management of an organization or unit in health systems along with the ability to analyze and be a part of health policy and health system reforms.

Professor Manfred Green, MD, PhD, MPH, the Program Director, stated, “This is an exciting program that brings together students from around the world to develop skills in global and public health. They are going to be future leaders of organizations delivering care throughout the world.”

Professor Faisal Azaiza, Dean of the Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences at the University of Haifa, stated, “We are extremely proud of the success of this program in achieving this level of international recognition. The University of Haifa is a multi-cultural institution and this program demonstrates that multi-cultural status.”

Professor Gad Barzilai, Vice-Rector at the University of Haifa, stated “The University has made a major commitment to international education. We are delighted to see this international acknowledgement of one of our premier programs.”

Professor Gustavo Mesch, Rector of the University of Haifa, said “The international accreditation for our MPH in Global Health Leadership and Administration is a clear demonstration of the successes we have had at the University of Haifa in attracting and promoting an international level of education for our students, our faculty, and yet again demonstrates how Haifa is an internationally recognized university.”

Andrea Kohler, MPH, a recent graduate of the program is now doing an internship at the World Health Organization (WHO). She stated, “The I-MPH at Haifa has given me the tools I needed to begin a career in global health.”

For more information please follow this link

mph 2018 cohort


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