Student Spotlight: Elisabeth Bachhuber

By Elisabeth Bachhuber, a student of MA program in Peace and Conflict Management, 2017-2018 Cohort.

Hey everyone! My name is Elisabeth, but most people just call me Elli. Elisabeth sounds far to serious…Even though I like to be serious from time to time, I generally prefer encountering people around me on cordial terms. Coming from Germany – considered as a rather cold culture – encountering people on cordial terms, however, was something I learned during many of my trips throughout the world. I guess that it was exactly these trips that made me the person I am today – wandering somewhere between identifying myself as someone who grew up in a Western society, and a cosmopolitan who got lost in the beauty of this world. If I had to choose one word describing me, it would probably be “wanderlust” – a German word which made its way into the English language as well. Never really feeling at home, and yet being at home everywhere.

Being able to study in Israel for the next year is therefore an exciting experience for me. I will be happy to make new friends, coming from different kind of backgrounds and cultures, and yet sharing a common interest in “Peace and Conflict” and the Middle East. And – who knows – maybe after this year I will eventually feel at home?

What is your favorite place that you’ve travelled, and why?

For me, answering this question is very hard. I assume that my favorite place that I’ve travelled to so far is the place that came to my head first: Istanbul. I just loved the magic of the city. Walking through the city gave me a feeling of walking through centuries of history including all of its beauty…

Why did you choose Haifa? Did you explore options of a similar program anywhere else in the world?

Coming back to the last questions, I did think about studying a similar program in Istanbul. However, after some thinking I came to the conclusion that I can’t see myself living in Istanbul. I assume I wanted to preserve the memories I have of the city and not replace them by new, probably less “magic” ones. So, when I came across the program in Haifa, it seemed perfect. I had been to Israel several times in the past, including Haifa, and I really liked the city – there are just so many interesting things to discover over here.

What is your go-to style of food that you could eat anytime, anywhere, no matter what? Do you have any experience being where that food originated?

The food I could probably eat anywhere, no matter what is “Döner Kebab”, or short “Döner”. Döner is the Turkish style of Shawarma and extremely popular in Germany. Some people even say that Döner was invented in Germany by a Turkish migrant 😉 The reason I prefer Döner to Shawarma is the sauce and the bread. Whereas Shawarma is usually served with Humus and Tahina, Döner is served with yoghurt sauce – in the traditional Turkish bread. Extremely tasty! In the next year, however, I have to settle for Shawarma.

If you could meet any individual from any point in history who would it be? Why?

I would really like to meet Prophet Muhammad, simply because so many controversies, disputes, conflicts and wars arose from and about his teachings in the last decades. I would like to understand what he himself really thought and taught.



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