Student Spotlight: Jordhynn Guy

By Jordhynn Guy, a student of MA program in Peace and Conflict Management, 2017-2018 Cohort.

Hm… wonderful. Well, I’m Jordhynn. I was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and until my lajordhynnst year of university I lived on the same street my whole life… in three different houses. I was a huge tom boy growing up (for you non-native English speakers, that means I had more characteristics of a little boy), and until recently it was difficult for me to admit that I thought animals were cute and that pink was, in fact, a beautiful colour. I love being in water – swimming, diving, floating… I also love singing really loud because I it makes me feel free. My favourite part of the human body is probably our hands. I like when they’re worn and grubby and look really used. The more imperfect anything is, the more beautiful it becomes to me.

I write creatively when I feel inspired. Poems, songs, stories… you name it. My mom used to be a professional dancer and growing up I danced too… I feel as though I am more accurately expressing who I am when it’s done in a creative way. Learning is my favourite thing. When I meet people that are passionate about something, there’s a good chance I will get caught up in the flurry of passion, too. Anyways… those are the first things that came to mind. I’m excited to spend time with all of you this year. Excited to get to witness parts of your journeys, see your funky quirks, and to laugh at Carmela’s jokes together.

Where is your favorite place that you’ve travelled, and why? (based on what experience you had there)

My favourite place I have travelled to is Rwanda. I went two times with a humanitarian organization called ‘HOPEthiopia/Rwanda who has been established in both Ethiopia and Rwanda since 2006. Glenda and Ralph, the couple who started it, live there more than half of the year. This place is my favourite destination for a few reasons… the beauty, yes. The food… not really. Unless you’re into 5 different types of starches for lunch. But this place captured me because of the hearts of a people who overcame a genocide and have rebuilt their lives. It’s a testimony for me to the power of forgiveness and the healing power of humility and grace. The people are what got me… what get me. Their perseverance through tragedy and their generosity with the next-to-nothing that they have. Rwanda. Final answer. Because the country – and the essence of the people behind it – deeply, deeply changed me.

If you could meet any individual from any point in History who would it be? Why?

Anyone in history! Wow… I think I would like to meet King David. My favourite portions of scripture mostly come from the Psalms. David fascinates me… his perspective of God and his transparency of heart I think are beautiful. I’d be curious to see what it was like to sit in the presence of someone so vulnerable and whose soul seems to be perpetually out-pouring.

Question 4: What is your go-to style of food that you could eat anytime, anywhere, no matter what? Do you have any experience being where that food originated?

WOW great question. I like EVERY kind of ethnic food… Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Ethiopian… you name it. My go to is probably curry though. Thai or Indian. Anything with coconut milk that is spicy will usually make me salivate. I’ve had the privilege of spending some time in Thailand. I went with my family for the first time just to backpack through, and the second time to get my diving certification. The adventure was thrilling, the food… unforgettable.

What is your most proud accomplishment to get you to where you are today?

I wouldn’t necessarily consider this one an accomplishment. However, I am proud of it. My family is wildly supportive – they’re the best people I’ve ever known. They are the pillar of all of my ‘successes’. My mom and dad created an incredible foundation of love and acceptance for me growing up, and always encouraged me towards living really fully. Not necessarily to strive or come to the end of myself, but to really enjoy my life – suck the marrow out of it, some might say. My brother is one of my best friends. He’s one of the most amazing men I know. I’m so proud of them. If you haven’t already, I’m sure at some point you will be at the receiving end of one of my rants about how truly blessed I feel to have such loving parents and such a close bond with my brother.


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