Statistics, Big Data, and the Future

By Chen Chang, a student of MA program in Statistics, 2017-2018 Cohort.


chenWhat is the most promising job in the coming future? Many will say data science. In recent years, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) have already changed our life in a overwhelming way. Online shopping, shared economy, machine learning…… All these high technologies have a close relation with data science. Actually, data science may lead to another Industrial Revolution. And statistics is the very foundation of data science.

I come from China. In recent years, I can feel many changes have taken place in China. More and more people in China tend to choose to receive services online. Buying things on Alibaba, booking a ticket online, ordering a taxi online, which produces an enormous size of electronic data. These electronic data contain a wealth of information. With the tool of statistics, we can dig through this information and make use of it. I used to work in China as a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engineer. But when I realize the potential of statistics, I quit my job and came to the University of Haifa to study.

The courses in the International MA in Statistics are well-organized, containing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Also, I enjoy working with the academic and administrative staff in the Statistics Department at the University of Haifa. They are friendly, efficient and willing to help me. I feel fortunate that I have come to the University of Haifa to study in this International MA in Statistics.






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