Student Spotlight: Alex Gorman-Chamness

By Alex Gorman-Chamness, a student of MA program in Peace and Conflict Management, 2017-2018 Cohort.

AlexMy name is Alex I’m 27 and from the U.S. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies, a minor in Middle-Eastern Studies from CSU, Chico and a certification of language proficiency from San Jose State University.

My undergraduate degree really exploded when I began taking Arabic at the University. I fell in love and for the next years of my degree became completely enamored with the language-anything and everything about it.

On a personal note, I’m a poet, traveler, and hockey player. I grew up with my writing and playing hockey, and found traveling later in life. When I found out that there is a program in Metula, Israel that teaches Ice Hockey to Arab and Israeli youth, I was sold- one of the many reasons I’ve chosen Haifa. It just makes sense. It blends so many aspects of my life together nicely, topped off with the program that I found has made me feel more comfortable here than I could ever have dreamed.

Now to the fun part!

  • Why Haifa?

Well I touched upon that already, however in addition I did look into similar programs around the world, namely New Zealand and Norway, (both places I’ve lived and planned on living) but Haifa was a better blend of my passions and my life. You know the feeling when everything “fits” and “makes sense”, yeah that’s Haifa for me- so here I am!

  • What is your favorite place you’ve traveled?

A very tough one, so many different places for a variety of reasons! If I had to pick I would pick Thailand. I spent two months there and toured the country top to bottom and experienced a million different things. Essentially, the reason I picked it is because most days I end up thinking of Thailand for one of the many reasons I loved it- namely the food and time I’ve wasted on the many beaches!

  • What is your proudest accomplishment?

Mmm, yes. I would say the world traveling and living abroad I’ve done the last three years have contributed not only to where I am today, but has done more shaping of ‘myself’ than anything else I’ve done or accomplished in my life. It has challenged me, changed me, and made me an optimistic, balanced individual.



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