Meet Dr. Mashor Housh – New Head of the Global Green MBA Program

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Dr. Housh is a faculty member at University of Haifa in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, Faculty of Management. He joined the University of Haifa in October 2013 after a successful two-year Post-Doc at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Since May 2017 he is the head of the Global Green MBA program.

Dr. Housh received his Bachelor of Science degree (cum laude) in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Technion in 2007. His undergraduate studies focused on Hydrodynamics and Water Resources Engineering and Transportation Engineering. He earned his Ph.D. (direct track) in Hydrodynamics and Water Resources Engineering from the Technion in 2011. In his Ph.D., Dr. Housh developed and implemented models for optimal multi-year management of water quantities and qualities of large-scale water systems under uncertain hydrological conditions, which was applied to the Israeli National Water Supply System.

Upon completing his Ph.D., he was a Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). At UIUC Dr. Housh worked on a US National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project, titled as “EFRI-RESIN:  Interdependence, Resilience and Sustainability of Infrastructure Systems for Biofuel Development.”  In this project Dr. Housh coordinated a large group of researchers from different disciplines, including: agriculture, economics, transportation engineering, water resources and hydrology, atmospheric science, and social science. The central objective of the project was to develop an integrative “system of systems” model that preserve the inherent interdependencies among the subsystems involved in the biofuel production process, namely: (a) water resources and watershed hydrology, (b) agronomy (selection of crops for biofuel production), (c) transportation system for transporting raw materials and final products, (d) setting up the bio-refineries (location, sizing and operation), (e) products marketing.

Dr. Housh is attentive to the decision making, policy, and model development and application in the Israeli water sector. Since 2014 he is a part of a consulting team that develops management models for the Israeli Water Authority, to enhance the operation decisions of the national water supply system under future water resources and demands uncertainty. Dr. Housh’s models are currently in use to support decisions of the Israeli Water Authority.

By integrating knowledge, experiences and tools from different disciplines for innovation and excellence in research and teaching, Dr. Housh is currently supervising the research of several graduate students, and his teaching includes:

Environmental Systems Analysis- introduces mathematical programming and modeling approaches for environmental systems.  Optimization methods are applied to water resources and environmental systems management, resources conservation, and pollution control. By the end of the course the students were able to model and optimize environmental systems for a set of constraints and objectives as well as conducting sensitivity analysis of the outcomes.  The course covered concepts of tradeoff, non-inferior sets, and multi-objective optimization, with particular emphasis on problems with conflicting objectives such as economic and environmental concerns.

Environmental Project Management and Green Entrepreneurship- is divided into two parts.  The first introduces methods and tools of project management, which are demonstrated on case studies of environmental projects. The second part of the course explores market opportunities created by environmental and sustainability issues. Via selected case studies the course helps the students understand environmental and sustainability innovation and entrepreneurship (also known as Cleantech or Greentech).

Dr. Housh is also very active in research, his publications are published in top-tier journals in the field of water resources management as can be seen in the publication list. His innovative research was recently manifested in winning the first place award in the Battle of Cyber-Attacks Detection Algorithms organized by the EWRI of the ASCE (

See Dr. Housh’s Publication List


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