Impressions of the International MA in Holocaust Studies

By Tamar Taylor, a student of MA program in Holocaust Studies, 2016-2017 Cohort.

This was originally posted on Holocaust Studies in Haifa.

tamarBeing on the Holocaust Studies course has exceeded my expectations in so many ways.
First, the location. To see that beautiful view each time I come to Uni, the Bay of Haifa, and even Mt. Hermon in the distance on a clear day! Spectacular!

As I was slightly apprehensive about studying in such a different discipline, I have really loved the challenge, and have found the multi-disciplinary aspects of the course enjoyable and challenging. To go from pure historical fact, to memorialising and curating, to psychological aspects, and even learning German, has widened my whole perspective of the Holocaust into a multi-dimensional experience.

It has been fantastic to meet people from so many nations and different cultures, and I have loved the interaction between us, and especially getting to know the Israelis on the course.

The special highlights for me have been the Research Forum, hearing testimonies and some of the documentaries. The Yad Vashem and Ghetto Fighters Seminars were amazing. I am also so excited to be doing an internship at Atlit as it is a place that has a lot of meaning for me as a Brit!!

Finally, the trip to Poland was a very special experience, intense, emotional at times, but so worthwhile and has made me want to return one day. For all of the hard work that you Yael and your team have put into making this programme, I would like to say a huge thanks. I know that what I have learned so far will have a lasting effect, and equip and enable me to educate others and keep the memory of the Holocaust alive.


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