Reflections on My Year in Haifa

By Hana Green, a student of MA program in Holocaust Studies, 2016-2017 Cohort.

This was originally posted on Holocaust Studies in Haifa.

HanaAs the school year winds down, I find myself looking back on this experience as perhaps the most profound and impactful of my life. Choosing to attend graduate school across the world and in a discipline so powerful and relevant to the turmoil and instability of our time has been utterly awe-inspiring.

I am grateful beyond words for the opportunity to study at this institution and alongside such kind, passionate and helpful peers and professors. This community has fostered a sense of belonging in a place foreign to many, and has allowed for its students to thrive and achieve. What I have found to value most is the diversity surrounding this program, which can be seen in our course listings, our wide range of research interests, and backgrounds. Every student brings something different to the table.

Whether it’s a fresh perspective, positive outlook or a controversial debate, this program is enhanced by the diversity it inspires and embraces. Too, valuing diversity honors and pays homage to our field and area of study. It is crucial that we not only memorialize and attempt to understand the past, but that we learn and grow from its consequences.

Engaging in a diversity of activities has greatly enriched my experience of studying the Holocaust. Completing an internship at Yad Vashem in the Echoes and Reflections division, participating in seminars at Yad Vashem and The Ghetto Fighter’s House, and traveling to Poland on the study tour have all contributed to the well-rounded experience I have had during my time in the program. These enrichment opportunities were invaluable in their bearing on my overall experience, and moreover, in my education. It is through these extra-curricular experiences as well as the wide-ranging and impressive courses offered through the program that I feel prepared to take the next steps in my studies and future.

The Weiss-Livnat MA in Holocaust Studies program has greatly invested in its students, and I am so very grateful for this experience and the impact it has had on not only my academic and career aspirations, but also, on my personal growth and development.


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