Reflections of an Alumna, International MA in Statistics

By Noa Josef, alumna of MA program in Statistics


My name is Noa Josef. I feel fortunate to have been an MA student in the Department of Statistics at the University of Haifa. I found the course work to be very interesting. I gained a broad knowledge base and was exposed to many statistical tools, many of which serve me today in my professional career.

I also completed an M.A. thesis. In my thesis I studied multiple comparisons methods for situations with dependent comparisons in a hierarchical structure. I enjoyed this very much. I learned to think creatively with open mind and learned how to explore things deeply in order to come up with interesting results. This period was very satisfying. I would like to thank to Dr. Anat Rainer Ben Naim my research supervisor.

I was privileged to work in Statistics Consulting Unit while studying. The experience and knowledge I gained applying statistical models to real data, were invaluable both as a student and as preparation for my professional career. This experience was especially helpful when I was looking for a job. I am grateful to Mrs. Efrat Yaskil and Dr. Nitza Barkan for that. During my studies I worked also as a teaching assistant in the department.

After graduation I started to work for the Israeli Electric Company.  Today I am working with economic models in order to forecast electricity consumption. My work is highly valued within the company.

My time as a student was an extraordinary experience, I acquired knowledge and experience at the same time. I had the pleasure to work with the academic and administrative staff in the Department of Statistics, they were always helpful to me.




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