Reflections on my time in Israel

By Meghna Girish, a student of MA program in Art Therapy, 2016-2017 Cohort.

Hard to believe, but it has been 4 months since I started my graduate studies at the University of Haifa. These 4 months have been enriching and insightful on different levels, from personal to academics to understanding the culture of the Land. My program is quite intense, every week along with theoretical classes there is field training too. In the midst of the packed schedule, I’ve tried to enjoy and discover more of the campus as well as the city of Haifa.


From grocery shopping to getting supplies for my classwork, Israel offers such variety and sometimes it becomes hard for me to choose what to get. My time here has helped me become more independent.

The experience also has given me a bunch of friends and people whom I can address as my extended family now. The city of Haifa is indeed a special one, with the breathtaking Carmel ranges and serene beaches. The city also stands as a prototype being able to contain various people groups being multicultural.

I’ve also realized how community oriented the people are; this was seen especially during the recent fires, where we had to evacuate the dorms — I can never forget those days where the students were taken care of so well, and how people were so willing to make sure we were doing okay.

The food here is so rich and the produce so fresh! That’s definitely one of the major highlights. I’ve managed to learn the recipes for shakshouka and falafel. I find the Challah to be the best of breads I’ve ever had. Comparing the fruits and vegetables I’m used to back in India with the Israeli produce, I’d say its roughly 5 times bigger in size as well as better in taste.



During my stay I’ve managed to pick up a little bit of Hebrew as well though the Chet’s and Hey’s and Ayin’s did give me trouble in the beginning. Israel is a beautiful country and I wish to come back and visit the Land along with my family.


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