Student Spotlight: Palina Mahilina

PALINAPalina is from Belarus.  She is 31 and has studied and lived in few countries.  As a child she fell in love with the English language and dreamt of using it everyday.  Her grandma was a teacher, and she loved her school stories. No surprise that she prepared to become a teacher of English at College.

However she wanted  to discover  the world a bit more and learn more. Her next destination was BA in Media and Communication in  Vilnius, Lithuania. During this time, she was active promoting education, as she personally felt the influence of education on her fate.

When finishing her MA in the Czech Republic in Euroculture, Palina could see herself working with youth in European projects, but…  she became a primary teacher at Olomouc International School for the next 5 years. She didn’t expect that teaching 5- 7 year olds from different countries can be so exciting!  The children are fast learners and give you reasons to be proud of them every day.   It’s also a great exercise for your brain to try to explain difficult things in a simple way.

Palina was looking for an opportunity to learn more about children and their development with particular interest in the international context.  By chance, she found the International MA in Child Development program that could satisfy her needs at the University of Haifa, which is unique with developing countries emphasis on child development.

Another great thing about this program that it’s just for one year, so very quickly you can return to the field. Application for the scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel was treated positively – and it was time to start packing for the journey on another continent!

The International MA in Child Development brings students from Africa, Europe and Asia together to look closer on this issue around the globe. Doctors, teachers, social workers, nurses, governmental administrators came together for one year to update knowledge on children psychology as well as to share the experience and problems in their countries.

Every day they learn how to make children’s lives better by developing their own projects they will implement.  After the studies Palina is planning to continue in education field probably helping the children of migrants and getting ready for her next stage – PhD.


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