Reflections After one Semester at the University of Haifa


By Alexandru Ilie, a student of MA program in Diplomacy Studies, 2016-2017 Cohort.

Since my arrival at the University of Haifa in November, I can easily say this experience is amazing! I have met many interesting people from different backgrounds, made new friends and learned a lot of interesting things for the professors.

There are a lot of great things about the University of Haifa and multiculturalism is clearly one of those things! People from all over the world attend classes at the University of Haifa and the International MA in Diplomacy Studies isn’t different. We have people from Italy, Japan, USA, Ukraine, Romania, Ghana, Spain, Holland, South Korea, Israel and China. This is just Diplomacy group, but some classes are together with other groups and it’s an ever bigger mix of people! By having such an interesting and mixed group of people, the classes are so much more fascinating for everyone since each student brings a different perspective on the issue discussed.


Beyond the amazing multiculturalism, the Diplomacy Studies program also has amazing professors and offer great theoretical analysis and presentations of issues while sharing their practical and first-hand experience with us.  The professors are amazing and offer great classes! If you ever have the chance to take a class taught by Ehud Eiran or Carmela Lutmar, don’t pass it up!

The first semester we had the chance to get even more experience by attending talks with diplomats that shared their knowledge with us and helped create a better picture of how things operate in diplomacy.

With all these great things happening the first semester, we also had a field trip to Jerusalem, where we attended presentations of diplomats and scholars on the topic of Jerusalem.

The first semester was an amazing experience and I’m very happy for choosing the University of Haifa.





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