Student Blog: Madene Shachar

Holocaust Studies in Haifa

947286_4717847030446_1295766285_nMadene Shachar, who made Aliya to Israel from the United States in 1983, holds a B.Ed in Early Childhood Education from Oranim Teaching College and a BA in Education from the University of Haifa.  An educator for almost 20 years, Madene joined the Ghetto Fighters’ House staff in 2000.  Over the past thirteen years she has worked as a guide in the children’s memorial museum, Yad Layeled, as well as the history museum and was the Israeli coordinator of the on-line International Book Sharing Project. She is also in charge of the social media networks of the museum, including the website and Facebook page.  In a joint project with the Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum in NYC, Madene was co-writer of six Israel-based biographies in the Coming of Age during the Holocaust: Coming of Age Now (2008) educational program.  In 2012, she co-authored an article for Social and Educational…

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