What I like about Israel

By Meghna Girish, a student of MA program in Art Therapy, 2016-2017 Cohort.

The picture I had in my mind about Israel before actually stepping into the land was that of barrenness and a desert. However seeing the land with my very own eyes, I find that though it’s a desert, there is fruitfulness. I see it as a beautiful paradox; the driest country exports a huge amount of fresh produce and flowers!

My life at the dorms has gotten me used to cooking, which is something new to me. Shopping for groceries I find that lemons are the size of an orange I get back in India. I have fallen in love with the juicy, ripe veggies and fruits. Food in Israel is so diverse and tasty inspiring me to try out a few of the indigenous recipes. From the dairy products to the different kinds of bread, from the diverse range of citrus fruits to the dry fruits, for me Israel is the place if you want to give your taste buds a time of their lives. Visit to the shuks or the local markets offer an interesting experience where you get to buy huge loads of fresh produce at cheap rates; knowing the local language sure helps in bargaining though 😉

The past few weeks have been amazing in terms of the holidays which were celebrated in the land. The colour and vibrancy during the holiday season is another aspect of Israel which I’ve come to like; everything comes to life, with the number of stalls to get souvenirs and the street food are definitely worth a try.

Last but not the least, I am totally awestruck at the topography of the land! Yes! I find it extremely fascinating how the tunnels and pathways have been made through the mountains.  Every mountain or hill and valley has a sight to offer. These are some of the things which have grown on me. I’m sure more will follow and get added to the list of things I like about Israel 🙂




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