Student Spotlight: Boglárka Kormos

By Boglárka Kormos, a student of MA program in Child Development, 2016-2017 Cohort.


Boglárka on campus at the University of Haifa

My name is Boglárka Kormos, which is a really Hungarian name. Boglárka is a flower in my country, but also means ornament. I was born and grew up in Hungary in a small town with my parents, my two brothers and my sister.

I graduated with a degree in Special Education from the Kaposvár University in Hungary and started working as a speech therapist in Budapest.

During my academic years I took advantage of every opportunity to gain experiences in the field of special education and speech therapy abroad. I went to the Czech Republic to study, and to Kenya to do my professional training.

In that time I came here to Israel for volunteer work where I was a volunteer for the Israeli army. After this experience I came back to Israel the next year and  six  more times, because I have fallen in love with this country, and also because in Hungary I have not found good hummus.

After graduation when I’d been working as a therapist, I realised that I really need to study more and felt a strong desire to continue my studies. My sister just laughed at me, because she would rather skip the classes in high school, and she gave me this suspicious look as if I was just going crazy or something.

I applied to the University of Haifa and in August I received the news about my acceptance. I would never use cliché, but my dream came true.

2016-2017 Cohort of International MA in Child Development

Now I am here in Haifa and study in the International MA in Child Development. With my studies my aim is to be a better professional, to gain experience and to make progress at home after this year.

Besides study I am enjoying that I can live almost like a local in Israel. I say “almost” because in the dorm I live together with people from Africa so as my parents would say Africa kicked in to my life again.

So let the journey begin!


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