Sea Us | Learn Hebrew

By Ashley Himmelstein, student of MA program in Maritime Civilizations, cohort of 2015-2016

Among all the amazing classes that Haifa University offers are the Ulpan classes, which are offered in Hebrew and Arabic. Those of us on a MASA Grant get one free Hebrew course, although anyone is welcome to take these classes. Ulpan classes are offered year-round with intensive classes in the winter and summer. I participated in the August 2015 Hebrew Ulpan and am currently in the August 2016 Hebrew Ulpan.

August 2015 Sweaters
Ashley Himmelstein, Ciolacu Radu and Giulia Polvara show off the Summer Program 2015 sweatshirts

My first Ulpan class was א2, which was a beginner course for people who knew a few things in Hebrew, maybe the alphabet and a couple words. This year I have gone up a level to א3 where I am learning grammar, the past tense, and the future tense. I love these summer courses for not only what I learn but the amazing people I meet. Among the Ulpan students are; international Masters students from the University of Haifa, study-abroad students, immigrants to Israel and people who just want to learn a new language in the place it is spoken. I have learned Hebrew next to college freshmen earning their first credits and grandmothers who still love to learn. In my current class, we have students from China, Italy, Croatia, Germany, The United States and many other countries.

Class outside
The א2 enjoys class outdoors

Besides all the knowledge you gain in the classroom and the amazing people you meet, Ulpan classes included free trips and tours around Israel. There are tours around Haifa, introducing the students to the city they are living in, Tel Aviv, where you learn about the city and Jerusalem, in which students can choose between a Christian or Jewish site focused tour. Overall, in Ulpan you not only learn a lot but you get to explore Israel with some amazing people.

Jerusalem Tour
Jerusalem Jewish Site Tour



!בואו ותלמדו איתנו

(Join us in learning!)


“Sea US” is a series of posts featuring students from around the world who are taking part in this year’s International Maritime Civilization master’s program.


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