Meet Our Students: Prehistoric Archaeology Class

Meet the students of our 2015-2016 International Prehistoric Archaeology master’s program.
This blog post was edited by Kathryn Pocklington after the series from our “Meet Our Students” Facebook campaign.

Kathryn Pocklington


Kathryn Pocklington

From: Texas, USA
Academic History: B.S. in Anthropology with a focus in Archaeology; B.A. in Spanish with a minor in Human Rights from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX.
Occupation History: Assistant Archaeologist with AR Consultants, Inc. (Dallas, TX)
Current Studies: Prehistoric Archaeology in the International program at the University of Haifa.
Concentration: Hunting patterns and subsistence strategies in the Levantine Middle Paleolithic through zooarchaeological assemblages.


“After working in archaeology as an assistant in a Cultural Resource Management (CRM) firm in Texas, I decided it was time to begin the next step in becoming a principal investigator. My interests and connections in Israel led me to look at the University of Haifa in order to obtain my Master’s degree. Upon my arrival in Israel, I started working on an excavation and began working in the laboratory, gaining hands on experience. From the very beginning of this program my advisors have given me opportunities and tools which allow me to fulfill my career goals back home. They continue to support me not only in academia but in the professional world of archaeology.”

Rachel Blevis

Rachel Blevis

From: Toronto Canada, afterwards Zichron, Israel
Academic History: B.S in Biology (major) and Archeology (minor) from Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
Occupation History: Biology instructor at the oceanography institute, Haifa
Current Studies: Prehistoric and Byzantine period Archaeology in the International program at the University of Haifa.
Concentration: Analyzing the collapse of the Byzantine society in the Negev by examining the fish bone assemblages from Shivta, Halutsa and Nitsana.

“I started my studies in biology but quickly became fascinated by archaeology and the contribution of biology to archaeological analysis. Israel provides a rich array of sites from a diverse collection of periods and locations, which greatly enriched my archaeological studies both at Hebrew University and currently at Haifa University. I have excavated at prehistoric and Classical period sites and am excited to participate in the Byzantine Negev project led by Dr.Yotam Tepper and by my advisor Guy Bar- Oz.”

Astrid Kampen-Hasday

Astrid Kampen-Hasday

From: Golan, Israel (originally from Denmark)
Academic History: BA in Theology, ancient languages, University of Copenhagen
Occupation History: high school English teacher
Current Studies: Prehistoric Archaeology in the International program at the University of Haifa
Concentration: Neolithic Shell assemblage of Sha’ar Hagolan

“Last year, my husband Sharon and I took off from our respective high schools to volunteer for a year at various places around Israel. Amongst these, we participated at twelve archaeological digs and from this experience came the wish to dig further into the archaeology of Israel. Archaeo-Malacology immediately caught my interest and combining this field with the amazing Neolithic site of Sha’ar Hagolan, fulfills my dreams of archaeology as an art of developing new tools to solve problems of today by digging into the past.”

Rivka Chasan

Rivka Chasan

From: New Jersey, USA; Haifa, Israel
Academic History: B.A. in Anthropology with a focus in Archaeology with a minor in Business and Liberal Arts from CUNY Queens College, NY, NY .
Occupation History: Intern at the Godwin-Ternbach Museum
Current Studies: Prehistoric Archaeology in the International program at the University of Haifa
Concentration: Chalcolithic groundstone industry

“After completing my Bachelors, participating in several field seasons in Israel, and moving to Israel, I decided to pursue my Masters in Prehistoric Archaeology. In particular, I am interested in groundstone studies. The groundstone industry is pervasive and visible in the archaeological record from the Natufian through the classical period. Therefore, it can be used to study cultural and technological change. Working in the Groundstone Laboratory has given me the opportunity to pursue these interests and gain practical experience working with assemblages from the Pre-Pottery Neolithic through the Early Bronze Age. Through this, excavations, and course work, I have expanded my horizons and gained experience to follow my career goals.”

Stacey Tzur

Stacey Tzur

From: Reut, Israel, (originally from New York, USA)
Academic History: B.A. English Literature, Tel Aviv Univ., Nitzan Diagnostic Center
Occupation History: high school English Teacher, LD Assessment/Evaluation/Teaching
Current Studies: Prehistoric Archaeology in the International program at the University of Haifa.


“After 21 years of teaching high school English, I decided to hang up my teacher’s cap, get back into the student’s seat and make time to chase after my dream of a master’s degree.  Hoping to incorporate all of my favorite things…an inquisitive environment, archaeology, pre-history, human culture, field trips and excavation, the Haifa International program was a perfect choice!  This exciting, dynamic, hands-on program is a wonderful opportunity to expand your mind!”


Maayan Lev

Maayan Lev

From: Tel Aviv, Israel
Academic History: B.A. in Archaeology from Tel Aviv University
Occupation History: Participated in archaeological excavations, area manager for El-Wad Terrace Excavation (2016)
Current Studies: Taphonomy and zooarchaeological analysis of squamates (snakes and lizards) in El-Wad Terrace.

After finishing my B.A in archaeology and experiencing prehistoric excavations I knew I wanted to do my Master’s degree in prehistoric archaeology. The international program offers many interesting fields from which to choose our masters topic, and zooarchaeology immediately drew my interest.”



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