A “Visit” to Europe Without Leaving Haifa

Blog post provided by the Haifa Center for German and European Studies, which offers an international master’s program in German and European Studies. Photos provided by Charles Coleman and Haim Nativ.

On Thursday, May 19th, the Haifa Center for German and European Studies (HCGES) celebrated the annual Europe Day at the University of Haifa – in cooperation with the Delegation of the European Union to Israel. For the fifth time researchers, representatives of European Institutions in Israel, students and pupils gathered at the campus to celebrate Europe together. Vivid discussions, presentations and the European Market will brought Europe closer to Israeli academics, high school students from Arabic and Jewish schools, and the wider Israeli public.


On May 19th Europe Day took place at the University of Haifa. The day provided a wide variety of perspectives regarding culture, economy, politics, and opportunities for studies on both coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.

An international, interdisciplinary academic conference on “The Sykes-Picot Agreement: Centenary reflections and contemporary relevance” explored the former and the future role of Europe in the Middle East and reflected on the post-world war system and its contemporary challenges. Among the international guest lecturers were Prof. Joel Migdal (University of Washington) and Prof. Erez Manela (Harvard University). A highlight of the conference was the dialogue between Prof. Fania Oz-Salzberger (University of Haifa) and Mark Gallagher (European Delegation to the State of Israel) on a new world order. Prof. Oz-Salzberger also opened the discussion for the audience and Mr. Gallagher was challenged by the question of young students of the Marine Science program and high school students from Haifa and the Northern Galilee.

The European Market on the main lawn of the University of Haifa campus attracted many people. There were 17 boots with representatives from almost every European Country – among them Italy, Greece, Netherlands, France and Poland informed about their countries and study possibilities there. During the whole day the market was very well attended.

Besides the European Market and the international conference, the HCGES also hosted about 70 high school pupils from Alliance School (Haifa), Leo Beck Education Center (Haifa) and Tzviya High School. The pupils visited the European Market, got special lectures on Europe and a European Quiz held by the HCGES masters’ students and interns and attended the discussion round between Prof. Oz-Salzberger and Mark Gallagher.

The Europe Day celebration is one of the biggest events of the HCGES. The center was established 2007 and is offering an international master’s program in German and European Studies. For more information feel free to email infograd@univ.haifa.ac.il.

For further information about Europe Day, please contact Cathrin Shalev, HCGES Administrative Director, at cshalev1@univ.haifa.ac.il.


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