The Joint Shanghai-Haifa Research Centre

Adapted from the University of Haifa newsletter. 

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An agreement between the EAST CHINA NORMAL UNIVERSITY (ECNU), the largest University in Shanghai, and the University of Haifa has been signed to establish a laboratory building on the campus of ECNU for the Joint Shanghai-Haifa Research Centre, the first of its kind between Israel and the Chinese Academia. The building will include laboratories in four research areas: Ecology, Big Data, Biomedicine and Neurology.

“The establishment of the joint building is a massive step forward in the academic cooperation, and evidence of the great importance ECNU attaches to cooperation with the University of Haifa” said President Amos Shapira. Rector Prof. David Faraggi added, “research cooperation with ECNU is testament to the academic strength of the University of Haifa and this laboratory building will significantly upgrade our joint research.”

Haaretz recently reported on the partnership and the laboratory buliding that will be constructed through the collaboration. University of Haifa Rector, David Faraggi said: “We began our relationship with visits by delegations, we began our agreement with a small office, and the fact that the Chinese government has now seen fit to provide initial funding for the establishment of the joint building shows that the sky’s the limit for this cooperation.”

The University of Haifa has indeed worked closely with ECNU in the past, including hosting ECNU students for academic tours. This is an exciting time between our universities and we look forward to all that is to come through this unique partnership!


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