The Faces of the International MBA

For those who are serious about engaging in business with an international dimension, the International MBA at the University of Haifa International School is a valuable program which focuses on business venture in international markets with China, Japan and India.

Meet some of the students from our 2016-2016 International MBA class, and read what atracted them to this MBA program.

OmryOmry Cohen
BA in Statistics and Political Science – University of Haifa
Omry was born and raised in Haifa. Omry has pursued a balanced career path, with both humane and realistic goals for himself. In 2014, Omry was a fellow in Washington D.C. in the House of Congress, and interned for a U.S. Congressman. He currently works at Intel, originally in Intel’s public affairs group and now he works in the Purchasing department. At a certain point, Omry realized he wanted to pursue his academics further and his friends recommended the International MBA program. He says that the program has given him strong accounting skills, interpersonal skills, and real-life examples that have shown him how to improve how he works with the foreign market.  Specifically, after learning about negotiation culture in China, he recognized some of his mistakes in his prior negotiations and feels better prepared for future business transactions.


RolaRola Nassar Bisharat
BA Business Administration – and L.L.B from IDC, Hertzelia
Certified Lawyer by the Israeli Bar Association
Global Business Director
Rola, a wife and a mother of two, is a Global Business Director at Polyram plastics, reporting directly to the CEO of the company. Polyram, is a 120 million euro company , selling to various markets including the automotive industry, with over 44 distribution centers around the world.
Rola received her BA in Business Administration and L.L.B. from IDC, Hertzelia; in addition she is an Israeli certified lawyer, using that skill as an added value to her current role to negotiate commercial global contracts within the automotive industry. She explains that her path to the International MBA program was an obvious one , given the fact that today she is in a professional role which allows her to implement the theory learnt in day-to-day business management. The final push for her to return to school occurred during a meeting with a potential buyer who was very impressed yet very surprised that she did not have an MBA already. Rola’s experience in the International MBA program has meant that she can bring the lessons to real life. For example, she has chosen a seminar that focuses on researching her business unit’s evolvement in the Chinese market, and she applies the theory from her course to implement a new strategy at her company.


MichaelMichael Glezin
BA Economics, CPA – Haifa University
Dexcel Pharma
Business Development Manager
Michael Glezin immigrated to Israel in 1991 from Moscow. He participated in an elite program at the Technion, then joined the IDF and served in a special combat unit. Following his service, Michael studied at the University of Haifa for his BA in Economics, and became a CPA at Bar Ilan. Michael has extensive work experience, including professional trading, working as a deputy controller, and now in his current role he is a Business Development Manager for Dexcel Pharma. He has been in this role for 5 years, and helps to establish new companies in the pharmaceutical industry and supports the licensing of new technologies and products in this field. Michael joined the International Executive MBA at the University of Haifa International School as an important step in his career to get back in the classroom and bolster his managerial skills. He explained that he is learning a lot from meeting his classmates and hearing their experiences in other industries. The excellent location of the university also means he can study while being close to work.


Nigar 1Nigar Huseynzade
BA in Economics – Khazar University
Diesenhaus Unitours Incoming Tourism
Nigar immigrated to Israel 3 years ago from Azerbaijan. After studying in a Hebrew language course, she got a job in Tel Aviv as an Accountant conducting internal auditing. Given her professional background, and as a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Economics, she says that she joined the International School’s International MBA program to gain more experience. Also, she finds that she benefits greatly from her relationships with her colleagues. She explains that she is not yet in a managerial role, and that she has a lot to learn from her classmates who are mostly in management positions, and who she sees as role models that can help her grow in her career. An additional benefit is that the program is in English, and studying in this language is an important aspect of working in the international arena.


Interested in learning more? Please visit our International MBA website. For any questions you have, you may also contact us at



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