Welcome Visiting MBA Professor Lewis Shaw!

LewisShawMeet Professor Lewis Shaw, a visiting professor in the International MBA and Global Green MBA programs from Suffolk University in Boston, MA. Prof. Shaw is the Chair of the Accounting Department at Suffolk, a university of 10,000 students where nearly one-third of the student population is international.

Shaw has been teaching seasonally at the University of Haifa since 2008 in the International MBA program. This spring semester, Prof. Shaw will be teaching two required accounting courses for the International MBA, as well as an accounting course integrating sustainability in the Global Green MBA.

Shaw brings a wealth of experience from working with international students at Suffolk University to the University of Haifa International School. He participated in the recruitment process which helped build the international face of Suffolk, and as a result he explains that he is both aware of the benefits that an international dynamic can bring to graduate programs, and also of the difficulties such as overcoming language differences in the classroom.

Prof. Shaw also brings a personal appreciation for various aspects of the academic world in Israel. As a foreign educator in Israel, Shaw appreciates the huge focus this country places education, which is reflected in the strong national university system in the country. He also explained that he recognizes strong attributes specifically in the city of Haifa. This city has a growing and thriving business industry, which makes it an atrractive place to pursue an MBA. In his experience here, he explained that though Haifa may be less cosmopolitan than Tel Aviv, it is a beautiful, manageable, and diverse city. The secular aspects of the city, its coexistence, and its large student population are all favorable aspects of Haifa from an international standpoint.

Aside from being an educator, Prof. Shaw was involved in a large research and consulting project in Israel in 2008, in which he helped integrate international financial reporting standards for the Israel Security Authorities (ISA). He brings this experience with him to the classroom, allowing students to learn from a first-hand perspective of business culture in the country and also the interplays between foreign players in this type of project.

Welcome Professor Shaw!


For more information, please visit our International MBA and Global Green MBA webpages. Also feel free to email us at infograd@univ.haifa.ac.il.





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