My HaiMUN Experience

The model UN society at the University of Haifa, called HaiMUN, is an opportunity that international students may take advantage of at the beginning of the academic year. The student experience in the society culminates in an annual conference at the University of Haifa, in which about 200 students from across the country and from a variety of higher education institutes take part. Students must apply and interview, in order to join the model UN society for the year. The group is open to both Israeli and international students from the university.

Below are a few words on the conference written by Fanella Ollimo, HaiMUN conference award winner and a graduate student in the National Security master’s program, class of 2015-2016.

fenny ollimo 1

The HaiMUN conference held on January 10th 2016 was my best MUN experience. I was part of the UNHCR Global committee representing Kuwait. Basically, my duty was to defend the Gulf States under the representation of Kuwait from being forced to take Syrian refugees. As a delegate I had to defend my state using our foreign policy at its best. The committee was very sophisticated with well prepared delegates who knew how to play the game well.  The chair and vice-chairs made the ground rules clear and we all knew what was expected of us in the sessions.

fenny ollimo 2

Personally winning the award as the distinguished delegate came as a surprise. Every delegate in my committee played the game well. My best experience was how I was able to bring out my negotiation capabilities. With the help of my allies, we were able to negotiate with many delegates to join our resolution getting the majority votes. HaiMUN has given me the most amazing thing in life, a passion and a love that I cannot shake. I have been introduced to a world that I have no interest in leaving.

מועדון חיפה - לחיימון


Students interested in learning more may visit the master’s program in National Security website. Feel free to contact the International School for more information at


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