Global Green MBA Professor in “The Marker”

The Global Green MBA program is closely linked The Natural Resources and Environmental Research Center (NRERC) at the University of Haifa. The NRERC was established in 1985 in order to conduct research on Israel’s natural resources and environmental resource management. The center engages in research on air pollution, biodiversity, climate change, environment and growth, environment and resource valuation, open spaces and land management, waste management, and water resource management.

As such, many researchers and professors in the Global Green MBA program are involved in the larger scope of economics and sustainability as they are related to current events and other happenings around the world. For example, Dr. Ofira Ayalon provided comments for the national newspaper “The Marker”, analyzing the heat wave that hit Israel this past summer. Read her statement below.

ofira ayalon“The heat wave that hit us last month (Summer 2015) brought interesting and important news, which it seems that the public has not really internalized. In heat waves of previous years, electricity companies would issue a statement encouraging citizens to try not to use their electronics beyond necessity, and to postpone the laundry and dishes until the night. In this most recent heat wave, the sentiment has changed – an electricity company spokesman stated that they expect a demand of 11 thousand megawatts, and that the production capacity of the company is 13 thousand megawatts. How did this happen, you ask? The answer is simple. With the introduction of natural gas in the energy market, and the ease of barriers-to-entry put on private energy companies, the image depicted of Israel’s energy consumption has changed,” wrote Professor Ofira Ayalon, the Director of the The Natural Resources and Environmental Research Center (NRERC) at the University of Haifa.


To learn more about  MBA opportunities for international students the University of Haifa, check out the International School’s Global Green MBA website, or feel free to contact us at


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