“Where’s the Child” Israel Today article featuring Prof. Avi Sagi-Schwartz

Professor Avi Sagi-Schwartz, the Director of the Center for Research in Child Development and head of the Child Development master’s program at the International School, comments for the national newspaper “Israel Today” .

Translated from the University of Haifa newsletter from December 2, 2015. 

Professor Avi Sagi-Schwartz speaking to a group

“A child is born with the ability to develop a relationship both with his/her mother and father. Buildling upon this, the fact that there are two stable figures in the child’s life gives the child a secure base for development. On the other hand, in one of the biggest crises a child may face where the parents separate and the child is deprived of one parent, stability is undermined and this situation becomes harmful to the child. The  child may develop feelings of guilt and take responsibility for the separation. For example, the child has no understanding of why his/her father suddenly is around less, and why he is not there to read him a story at night or to take him to school in the morning,”said Prof. Avi Sagi – Schwartz , Director of the Center for Research in Child Development and Head of the International Program for graduate studies in Child Development ofthe Psychology department, as stated in the newspaper “Israel Today”.

For more information about the MA in Child Development at the University of Haifa, check out the website or feel free to email us at infograd@univ.haifa.ac.il.


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