School of PoliSci Hosts Conference Againsts Israeli Academic Boycott

Adapted from the University of Haifa English newsletter. 

uk boycott conference

In a time where we hear more and more voices calling for an academic boycott of Israeli academic institutions, 13 researchers from the United Kingdom decided to take a stand and attended a conference hosted by the University’s School of Political Sciences. The conference was organized by Dr. Carmela Lutmar of the school, who also is also a teaching professor in the Diplomacy Studies master’s program at the International School.

One of the attendees stated that “there was a public debate at the Union for University Lecturers in the UK about the academic boycott of Israel and I thought we should take an active stand and I contacted my colleagues at the University of Haifa, and discussed the possibility of a dialogue. This is why we are here.”

The conference was featured in Jpost, which you can access here.


If you would like to learn more about the Diplomacy Studies English-language program at the University of Haifa, please visit the International School website or email us at


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