Oral History & Testimony with Dr. Bea Lewkowicz

Dr. Bea Lewkowicz, a member of the Research Centre for Austrian and German Exile Studies, University of London, joined the Holocaust Studies master’s class as a guest lecturer. In her talk she conveyed the enormous potential that oral history interviews and testimony have for scholarship, and gave our students many insightful suggestions for how to work effectively with such sources. Check out the post from the blog “Holocaust Studies in Haifa” below.

See our website for more information about the Master’s in Holocaust Studies, or feel free to email us at infograd@univ.haifa.ac.il.

Holocaust Studies in Haifa

IMG_2045Our students participated in a special seminar with Dr. Bea Lewkowicz, a social anthropologist and oral historian, and director of two oral history projects, the Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) Refugee Voices Audio-Visual Testimony Archive and Sephardi Voices UK. Dr. Lewkowicz is a member of the Research Centre for Austrian and German Exile Studies, University of London. She directed and produced many testimony-based films and has curated several exhibitions, such as Continental Britons and Double Exposure.  The subject of her presentation was “Working with testimonies: The AJR Refugee Voices Archive as a Resource for Learning and Scholarship.”

Lewkowicz began by talking about her own journey as an anthropologist and oral historian taking testimony from members of the Jewish community in Salonika. While working on her PhD Lewkowicz was confronted by the difference between the fields of anthropology and history, and the latter’s greater focus on accuracy and…

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