Holocaust Nightmares: Yad Vashem

Please Checkout our student Pamela’s blog about the trip that #HolocaustStudies took.
For more information about please visit Holocaust Master’s studies.

pamela l. fiedler

6758 badge #67518 Inmate Badge on Display at Yad Vashem, November 2015

It has been approximately 3 months since I have arrived at the University of Haifa in Israel, as a candidate for the M.A. in Holocaust Studies. This past November, my classmates and I took a 4 day trip to Jerusalem to spend touring Yad Vashem: Listening to their lectures, touring their museum, and researching their archives for our seminar papers.

The first rule I learned as a graduate student in Design at the University of Iowa in my Museum Studies course–was to never enter any exhibition or museum with expectations. This word will in a sense–define your inability to make sound judgements and create a negative atmosphere: What you might expect to be presented versus the reality of what lies before you can be two entirely different worlds.  Science tells us that when we expect something to happen and does…

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