3rd Annual Conference on Mediterranean Sea Research

Survey of Mediterranean sea floor

While the world is buzzing about UN climate talks in Paris this month, we want to highlight another important conference on the environment, which occurred here in the University of Haifa Marine Geosciences department. The  Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences and the Municipality of Haifa cosponsored the 3rd Annual Conference on Mediterranean Sea Research, where researchers from around the Middle East and Israel came together to discuss marine development along the Mediterranean coast.

The conference allowed academics to come together to delve into various research issues arising from the current rate of development along marine shores. Topics included natural gas discoveries, setting up of marine infrastructures, preservation of the marine environment, development along the seashore line, protection of historical assets of the sea, maritime economy, maritime strategy and the dangers of maritime attacks.

Mediterranean at sunset

The conference was unique in its content, as well as its diversity of
attendants. Amos Shapira, President of the University of Haifa, commented: “Just as science knows no borders, so the sea cannot recognize borders. In order to advance our understanding of the Mediterranean Sea, we need to cooperate. Fish and wildlife do not recognize man-made boundaries, and, certainly, geological and geo-physical processes do not stop at border checkpoints. But the knowledge we can acquire thanks to this cooperation will benefit us all.”

Read more about the Mediterranean Sea Research Conference in this Haaretz article, as well as in this feature from American Society of the University of Haifa.


If you are interested in Marine Geosciences, you may want to consider our two-year Master of Science Program at the University of Haifa International School. To learn more about the MSc program, check out our website or feel free to email us at infograd@univ.haifa.ac.il.


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