National Security Studies – Student Reflection

blog 1 image 1“There is no fixing the world – but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad world” written by Asja Francisti, National Security Studies MA student, 2015-2016

 How my simple daily experiences have a lot to do with things I came to learn in Israel and why I already know I came to the right place.

“People in Israel like complaining. If you ask them how it’s going, prepare yourself for a half-hour ride filled with all the things that are wrong with this world. But if you ask them if they are happy with their life – you’re going to be surprised by the answer: ‘Oh yes, of course, it’s great'”

Maybe this short musing of Head of National Security Studies, Dr. Dan Shueftan, provides a perfect explanation of my distinctive personality trait that has probably helped me feel like Israel is my home, even though only a month has passed since I came here. For this rare and special occasion when I am talking about the things I am perfectly happy about, I’d like to focus on the program of National Security Studies.

Back where I am from, in Serbia, classes usually consist of professors talking and students writing down and memorizing – with more or less success and enthusiasm. In Haifa, you don’t even get a chance to be bored. You have your assignment and there is no way to skip it. You get asked not to repeat information, but to analyze, say your opinion, offer your solution. And although my aforementioned professor says that there are no solutions – only ways to handle things – different opinions are welcome.

There is a common ground in one thing for my professors and classmates: the strong sense of reality and acceptance. No embellishing, no political correctness and no wishful thinking. When you have that as a starting point, you may not have many, or any, solutions to world problems, but you have a palette of ways to alter or control daily life for the better.

So maybe that is what the ever-so-loved complaining is all about – this little bit of wisdom of my future profession and everyday life – recognizing the faults that are all around us and rather than fixing each and every one, simply learning to live with problems or keep them at bay.

blog 1 image 2
View of Haifa neighborhoods

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