The International School Welcomes ECNU Students to Haifa

Many of our readers know about our graduate programs for international students at the University of Haifa. This post highlights an example of other activities that occur on campus through the International School.


China academic tour 2This past summer, East China Normal University (ECNU) students came to Haifa on an academic tour organized by the International School. 25 Chinese students participated in this tour. During this visit, they attended various academic lectures including a night with entreprenuers, visited high-tech companies in Haifa such as IBM and Pluristem, went to a Kibbutz, Druze village, The Hecht Museum, and took part in other activities and tours around the country.

The University of Haifa and East China Normal University coordinated on this academic tour, supported by a donor from ECNU. They built off previous academic ties, with the goal of furthering collaboration between the universities.

Although the students China academic tour 1were only here for 10 days, this country and this trip left an impression. During the trip, one student reflected on how 60% of the country is desert and lacks natural water resources, yet despite this the country has created technological innovations to not only meet the country’s water needs, but also to transport water to neighboring countries! He smiled, and said that the mentality in Israel is to just “Live with it!”  He took away a message that Israel acknowledged its shortcomings, and created its own value, self esteem,  and confidence to overcome this hard situation. Through his eyes there is a fresh appreciation for this country that he shared with others and also took home with him as a personal inspirational message for himself.

China academic tour 3In the world of academia, international university partnerships are extremely important. As Dean Hanan Alexander explains in a Letter to Students, “Internationalization has brought a new vitality to the campus, with innovative programs and more students from a wider range of countries and backgrounds. ” The University of Haifa places high value on its international partnerships, and this trend reflects itself in numerous ways at the university. For example, this year the University of Haifa opened the Shanghai-Haifa Research Center with the goal of creating long-term, mutual, academic agreements for collaboration between Chinese and Israeli institutions of higher education.

This is definitely an exciting time on campus, so be sure to keep your eyes out for more international activities similar to this in the future!


University of Haifa offers 17 master’s programs in English, open to international students. For more information, please visit us at The International School website or email us at




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