The Faculty of Political Science Hosts Professors in Lecture Series

The Faculty of Political Science has organized a visiting professor seminar series on campus, with many of the lectures being given in English. The lectures are open to both political science students and international students, however space is limited so it is important that you reach out to Asya at ahead of time if you would like to attend.

In late October Dr. Jonathan Rynhold of Bar Ilan University gave a talk on “American Support for Israel: the Best of Times, the Worst of Times”, presenting arguments from his latest book publication. His book, titled The Arab-Israeli Conflict in American Political Culture, discusses American political opinion towards Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict since 1991. The book suggests that the US attitudes towards Israel are closely linked to party politics, rather than the influence of the pro-Israel lobby.

Coming up on November 19th, Dr. Timea Spitka of Hebrew University will present a lecture on “The Trials and Tribulations of Power Sharing in a Post-Conflict Context”. Dr. Spitka is a post-doctoral fellow at The Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations at Hebrew University, and her research includes conflict resolution, international mediation, group identity, gender and intervention in violent conflicts.

These seminars will take place throughout the year. For the full schedule of lectures, click here.

For more information about Political Science and International Relations MA programs offered at the International School, see the websites for Diplomacy Studies, National Security Studies, Peace and Conflict Managementand the Dual Degree program in International Relations with Warsaw University. You may also email us at


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