Course Spotlight for MPH: “Leadership Seminar Series”

ClassThe MPH Global Health Leadership and Administration program at the University of Haifa offers a unique seminar-based course called the “Leadership Seminar Series”. The series runs throughout all three semesters of the master’s program, meeting twice a month.

The aim of the “Leadership Seminar Series”  is to provide students with personal and professional development, featuring lively interactions with speakers who are global health experts. This gives students the opportunity to discuss sample cases directly with leaders in the field, to increase their knowledge of pertinent issues and improve their own skills as future leaders in global health.The speakers will be invited to provide examples of leadership in the professional world, discuss how our graduates can differentiate themselves as global health professionals, and present strategies to address pressing global health challenges. During the seminar series, students will also develop a sophisticated understanding of global governmental and non-governmental health care organizations and the personal skills needed to play leadership roles in these organizations.

Through the series, students will become better acquainted with how leaders solve problems, resolve conflicts, establish goals, create strategies, execute tactics, respond to external and internal stresses in organizations, attract and utilize resources, and create and manage budgets.

If you are interested in learning more about the MPH Global Health Leadership and Administration program at the University of Haifa International School, check out our website or email us at


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