New Courses in Holocaust MA Program: University of Haifa adds Historiography, International Law and new Genocide Course

In honor of the start of classes, here is some information about new courses offered in the Holocaust Studies MA program at the International School.

To learn more information about this program, visit our website or email us at

Holocaust Studies in Haifa

IMG_1920In our MA in Holocaust Studies Program we work hard to provide our students with diverse and rich course material.  We use a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of the Holocaust, using history, psychology, museum studies, education, anthropology and the arts to foster a comprehensive understanding of our subject material.

This year we were excited to add three new courses to our catalogue:

Historiography of the Holocaust: An Introduction – taught by Professor Dan Michman

The aim of this course is to introduce the field of Holocaust history through a variety of angles: (a) its course of development over the decades as a result of a variety of factors – political interests and pressures, judicial and restitution procedures, archival accessibility, scholarly methodologies, media representations and more; (b) major controversies that dominate(d) the field; (c) coping with the challenge of conceptualization; (d) the Holocaust historian’s workshop: from raw documents to the…

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