University Contributes to European Policy Research on Climate Change

Global Green MBA professor Dr. Ofira Ayalon is the Director of the The Natural Resources and Environmental Research Center (NRERC) at the University of Haifa. The NRERC was established in 1985 in order to conduct research on Israel’s natural resources and environmental resource management. The center engages in research on air pollution, biodiversity, climate change, environment and growth, environment and resource valuation, open spaces and land management, waste management, and water resource management.

The NRERC conducts many of its projects in cooperation with international partners. One example of this is its involvement in MACSUR (“Modelling European Agriculture with Climate Change for Food Security”), which is an overarching group of researchers collaborating to develop and provide policy consultation on how the climate may affect farming systems and the food production industry in Europe.

A large part of MACSUR is the research generated from regional case studies. As the MACSUR website explains, “The purpose of regional case studies is a simultaneous and interlinked development of a common conceptual framework and actual models and model links to assist policy makers and actors in the agri-food chain in identifying effective and efficient adaptation and mitigation measures and potential consequence scenarios, e.g. impact on food yield, quality, nutritive value, disease load etc. in perceived hotspots of climate impacts.”

In Israel specifically, MACSUR delves into research on water shortages and how different water availability projections may effect the economy, and also how utilizing alternative water sources may mitigate the issues that could arise in this situation. For more information, see the slides below.

Earlier this year Professor Ayalon presented on MACSUR at a roundtable in Germany, which you can read more about here.

To learn more about  opportunities for international students related to this topic at the University of Haifa, check out the International School’s Global Green MBA website, or feel free to contact us at

MACSUR 1                         MACSUR 2


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