The Beginning of the Journey by Nicole Schwartzman

This blog features comments from student Nicole Schwartzman as she began her experience with in the Art Therapy program last year. The MA in Art Therapy is an English-language master’s program at the University of Haifa International School. If you would like more information, feel free to reach out to us at

(Adapted from “University of Haifa: Creative Arts Therapies, International” blog)

It has been three weeks since we started this amazing and enriching learning experience, the Master’s Program in Creative Art Therapy at Haifa University. I have learned from theory and direct experience. I have begun to learn about the different art materials in depth. Relating the material to my feelings. Understanding the paper not only as a plain white piece of paper, but as a place full of possibilities, where someone can deposit his/her feelings, thoughts, ideas, wishes and dreams.

Throughout this time I learned new and interesting concepts as well as some aspects of the ideology of art therapy, where the importance is the process and not necessarily the final product, where beauty and aesthetics can be left aside for a moment to express freely with colors, forms and textures that our emotions will lead. In a world where aesthetics and final products are valued in a great extent, I have found relieving this space of creation.

I am starting to understand art as a medium of communication where the color blue sometimes means one thing and the next day can symbolize another aspect, happening the same with the color green, yellow, purple, pink and so on. I am also strengthening my sense of observation, really appreciating what I painted or what my fellow wanted to portray.

I really look forward to learning more about this amazing field and connecting more with myself and work in the clinical seminar trough the process of creative art therapy.This journey has begun with a lot of colors, textures and white papers to explore and I am eager to keep exploring this path with brushes, pencils, pastels, and all the infinite possibilities that art has to offer.

Source: The Beginning of the Journey by Nicole Schwartzman