Introductory Remarks to all Diplomacy Students

A Letter from Prof. Abraham Ben-Zvi

Teamwok concept with hands on globe

On the eve of the opening of the new academic year, I wish to congratulate you, and to wish you a most pleasant, inspiring and fruitful year. Following a most intensive learning process, we have drawn the necessary lessons from our two-year experience. As a result, you will find a program that is more diverse, dynamic, stimulating and interactive than was the case in the two previous years. Among other things, we have restructured Dr.Gerberg’s course in the summer semester, and it will include a diplomatic forum.This will be based on a series of meetings with foreign ambassadors, who are serving now in Israel, and who will provide the students with a taste of how decisions in foreign policy are made in practice.

In addition, the students in Diplomacy Studies will participate in several field trips across the country to sites that are relevant to the study of international relations and diplomacy. The program will have greater emphasis next year on the interactive study-via simulation-of diplomatic processes as they actually unfold, particularly in the Middle East. This will be done in particular in Dr.Nehemia Geva’s and in Dr.Carmela Lutmar’s respective workshops.

Welcome on board,and much success in your study of diplomacy!

Abraham Ben-Zvi

*The University of Haifa International School would like to welcome Abraham Ben-Zvi as the new head of the Diplomacy Studies program. For more information about Professor Ben-Zvi, please click here.

**If you would like to learn more about the Diplomacy Studies English-language program at the University of Haifa, please visit the International School website.


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