Internship Opportunities with Holocaust Studies

Interested in the Holocaust Studies MA at the University of Haifa? Check out the information and videos below to see what types of internship opportunities you may take advantage of through this program.

Holocaust Education Internship Program

This exciting internship provides students in the Weiss-Livnat Holocaust Studies program an opportunity to learn about Holocaust education and take an active role in developing age-appropriate hands-on and creative curricula for elementary-age students. Over a six month period the interns prepared a multi-faceted program for six graders at the Nofim Elementary School. The overarching goal is to make the complex subject of the Holocaust as accessible and relevant to the students as possible.

Other Internship Opportunities 

An internship in a Holocaust museum, school, archive or research center will help you familiarize yourself with career opportunities in the field of Holocaust Studies and determine what interest this field holds for you. We have partnered with various institutions across the country in attempts to provide you with the best exposure to such positions.

For any questions, please contact the International School at the University of Haifa at


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