Adventures of Fella in the ‘Promised Land’ – Tales from an MA Student in National Security Studies

Fella blog 1a
Discovery of a selfie in Israel

It took me an hour to figure out my headline or splash for my adventure series. Marhaba, Hello, my name is Fella and I would refer to myself as a Haifa-ite (somebody from Haifa University), will come up with a better name soon. I am a short Kenyan girl, recently arrived in Haifa for my MA program in National Security. I know it feels is too early for the fall program but I also arrived in August to take part in the Arabic Intensive language program.

I left home very excited somewhere in the bustling capital of Nairobi to the Promised Land. Nothing could prepare me for the heat that literally slapped me at the airport and the Hebrew writing (that I cannot read) at the train station and everywhere in between.

Haifa is a beautiful place in general and there are so many camera perfect places just on the drive from the train station (which will become one of your favourite places by the way) to the University. The school itself gives you an amazing view of the bay especially on a clear day.

Fella blog 2
The multinational bonds that U Haifa has helped us create

Fast forward to the beginning of my program, it has been a while since I had so much fun with strangers who later became friends from different corners of the world, which included China, USA, Germany and South Korea. I know it sounds weird but I fell in love with Knaffeh – an Middle Eastern cheese pastry dessert – it is like the best thing since sliced bread (that is a topic for another day).

In conclusion, quick tip and something I appreciate now is find out what Shabbat is beforehand, you do not want to go hungry because you did not shop before Shabbat. Oh and haggle at the market, you will make some nice friends there.

Till next time, Kwaheri.

P.S: Really do invest in a Hebrew-English dictionary


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