The Journey Continues by Amanda Holdeman

Maritime Civilizations student Amanda Holdeman reflects on a student excavation trip. This is a continuation from her previous blog post.


Amanda 12At the end of the last post, I left you all at the edge of your seats with our program preparing to embark on our very first underwater archaeological survey. I am pleased to inform that we all made it out alive, happy, and with a few samples from Tel Dor.

On our first day, sea conditions were a bit harsh for diving. Instead we brushed up on coastal survey methods. This included setting up a grid for excavations, taking elevations, and doing basic stratigraphy sketches. (Photos consideration of Udi Shalev and Eran Nisenbaum)

But the biggest surprise was our professor finding a mooring stone right on the beach! So we got to apply the skills we were practicing on a real feature. (Photos consideration of Kyle Murray and Udi Shalev)

Amanda 11The next few days were great sea conditions (including super cold water).  Besides finding pottery shards in our general survey throughout the week, two of our students in the program were able to collect their first samples for their Masters theses. (Photos consideration of Udi Shalev, Eran Nisenbaum, and Kyle Murray)

Amanda 3I think I can speak for everyone in the program when I say that not only did we learn alot about underwater methodology, but we had a blast doing it too.

If you want to learn more about our program, check out our website, or feel free to contact us at


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