Comments on Child Development MA from Prince Laryea

Prince Laryea from Ghana, shares reflections from his experience.


  1. What is the most exciting thing about the MA program in Child Development?

The interdisciplinary nature of the MA program in Child Development excited me the most. Initially, my thought about this program was purely academic since I was perceiving it from the academic lens, but upon my arrival in the University of Haifa, and my interaction with my course mates, as well as the lecturing approach, I realized the diverse nature of the course. Not only from the academia perspective are we exposed to issues regarding child development, but there is also a blend of other disciplines such as pediatrics, nursing, psychology, education, anthropology, sociology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, law, social work and social welfare, speech pathology and therapy.

Additionally, not only am I being equipped academically to be a professional in the area of child care, but I can also draw from experiences and ideas that have worked in other countries, as we interact and share ideas to fish out the gaps in strengthening issues of child development in Ghana.

  1. What do you like about the program and Israel?

The University of Haifa and Israel is a great place to study and I’m really glad I came. The teaching facilities are amazing. Looking at the University from a Ghanaian lens, the learning and teaching e-resources are impressive. As a young researcher, the library and internet facilities are just exceptional.

Studying a Master’s course precisely, the International MA in Child Development, with just a few other students means strong relationships with my lecturers, who are really approachable and supportive. The class interaction is just outstanding due to the small student teacher ratio. The administrative staff at the Psychology Department are just amazing and supportive, and their priority is to make our studies more comfortable. Living in Haifa, Israel, is just a home away from home. The city has a lot to offer students. It has a small-city feel that’s not too loud and busy.

  1. Would you recommend your fellow Ghanaians to come study Child Development in Israel?

I will surely recommend every Ghanaian with interest in the development of Ghanaian children to enroll on this program. Even though it is competitive to get admitted into this program, I would encourage Ghanaians to apply. There is a lot we can learn from Israel especially, and we can relate to it to improve our mind-set in the field of academia and other disciplines. Words cannot really express how much I am glad to have visited Israel not only from the religious viewpoint but also from developmental and academic stance.


The International School at the University of Haifa offers a one-year MA program in Child Development. This program is available to students throughout the world, aiming to help students explore skills that they can take with them into their careers to help children all over the world. For more information on the MA in Child Development, please visit us at the International School website.

Feel free to contact us directly at


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