Interested in Social Work?

The list of our International MA programs taught in English keeps on growing, with the addition of an MA in Social Work this upcoming fall semester!

The Social Work master’s program in Haifa, which begins in October 2015, will place a special focus on multiculturalism as part of the curriculum. Multicultural Social Work education explores personal, environmental and socio-political perspectives of diversified populations and develops knowledge and skills for culturally competent care for such populations. It attempts to raise the issue of balancing between needs and rights of such populations and suggests avenues to enhance cultural sensitization, cross-cultural communication and cultural competence overall.

As a student interested in this field, you may be asking yourself, “Why come to Haifa?” If you were to spend the day exploring Haifa, you would quickly find yourself weaving through Jewish, Arab, Christian, Muslim, Ethiopian, or Russian neighborhoods (just to name a few). This is a place where multiculturalism is not just relevant, it is a defining factor of the city. Elements of multiculturalism play into every day life here, making this a relevant and valuable backdrop to explore this field. Similarly, the student body at the University of Haifa reflects the diversity of its surrounding city.

We would love to have you join us here in this unique experience!



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