Europe Day Celebrations, 2015!

Europe Day
Europe Day Fair, Haifa University

In honour of Europe Day 2015, the Haifa Center of European and German Studies hosted a two-day conference and fair for the annual event that serves to celebrate the peace and unity within the umbrella of nations that today makes up the European Union.

Held over the 6th and 7th of May, The conference saw a wide range of lectures and discussions that explored many aspects of Europe today; its successes and its challenges. The German and European Studies department at Haifa University’s International School and its MA students were happy to collaborate.

Discussions and presentations at the conference explored the European Union through a variety of lenses; locating the EU as a renewed European order following the two World Wars, the challenges the Union and its democratic character faces today, the prospects of current European modes of capitalism and the Union’s complex relations with the Middle East in light of its own security and defence challenges.

Europe 2

In all it was an edifying and thought-provoking couple of days, and featured presentations by members of the International School’s German and European department alongside the ambassadors of Germany, Italy and Cyprus, Israel’s foreign ministry and the European Union’s Israel delegation. It also featured presentations from faculty members of Yale University, London School of Economics, Hebrew University and the IDC!

Europe 3

To find out more about our European and German Studies programme please visit us here!

Highschool students from the Haifa area joined us for the Europe Day celerations!
Highschool students from the Haifa area at the Europe Day celebrations!

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