From the Stone Age to the Drone Age: Haifa University Professor Daniel Nadel travels to San Francisco to co-chair at the 80th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology

Haifa’s Professor Dani Nadel, convenor of our popular Archaeology MA, travelled in April to San Francisco for the Society for American Archaeology’s annual conference, along with Dr Danny Rosenberg and MA student Eli Gershtein, in order to co-chair a session entitled, “Bedrock Features: Documentation, Analysis and Interpretation”.

The yearly conference is a big affair which attracts over 5,000 archaeologists from a vast range of fields. There were over 100 stalls exhibiting advances in different technical areas of archaeology; and a range of workshops, symposia and conference sessions on many aspects of humanity and its quirks, including material culture, rock art, nutritional archaeology, and household rituals.

The annual conference always makes for a stimulating and intriguing week, and this year was no different. There were presentations covering all global regions; from North and South America to Asia, the Pacific Islands, Europe, and Africa, so there was great scope for meeting archaeologists from different fields and being introduced to their work.
The conference kicked off on Wednesday evening with a session entitled, “Orderly Anarchy in Prehistoric California” sponsored by the Society for California Archaeology. The session included scholars from inside and outside
California discussing and evaluating Robert Bettinger’s case for sociopolitical evolution in indigenous California. Other highlights on a program that really had quite an astounding variety included symposia on Mayan society, drones and prehistoric games.

It was Archaeology MA student Eli Gershtein’s second time at the annual conference, but on this occasion he took part in presenting an upcoming research paper that explores rock grooves and rock shelters that was built on research conducted locally in northern Israel by the Unverity of Haifa archaelogy team.

At Haifa University’s International School our Archaeology MA program focuses on the pre-history and paleo-environment of the Mount Carmel region and each student is invited to specialize in one of the many relevant topics such as lithic, faunal, geological and palynological studies. Our year-long program gives students plenty of hands-on experience in the sites and settings of the Mount Carmel, the northern Galilee and the southern Negev regions. The interdisciplinary curriculum offers students exceptional opportunities for advanced training and individual research in a dynamic learning environment, with exclusive access to the natural laboratory provided by the diverse landscapes and numerous prehistoric sites of Mount Carmel.

The Department of Archaeology at the University of Haifa are currently conducting surveys and excavations in a wide variety of sites and offers international students the opportunity to take an active role in these projects, so come and join us this October!


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