My Journey to Haifa

By Prince Laryea, Ghana, MA Program  in Child Development

My journey to the University of Haifa, Israel started on Sunday, the 26th of October, 2014 from the Accra Kotoka ???????????????????????International Airport, Ghana with Turkish Airlines through Istanbul Airport and finally to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel. An experience I would like to share with you in another blog. My journey was skeptical characterized by varied mixed feelings and worries from close relatives, colleagues and loved ones because the electronic and print media had breath-taking stories about the country, Israel. These stories were threatening and the major question was how safe would I be in Haifa, Israel? This question got me thinking and wondering, nevertheless, don’t get it twisted, there are conflicting issues, and violence in some parts of the country and for sure it is an undeniable fact but the media may be portraying just a segment of the story.

Haifa is a beautiful province and city, people are friendly, caring, loving and I can say for a fact that Haifa is just like a home away from another home. One important lesson I have come to learn, in this few days of my stay, is that the sky isn’t the limit for Israelis, it is just the beginning and this can be seen in their way of life; making the best out of the resources available, never content with what they have achieved but striving to make it better than before. And that I can say is a THUMPS UP!

Prince Laryea []4

This is just a tip of the iceberg, there are more discoveries and from time to time I would be sharing with you on this blog.


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