Mother’s Day in Israel

By Rosemare Visser

I’m a mother.  I am also a student right now, some thousands of kilometres away from my home in South Africa.  It is Sunday.  At home this is a quiet (or sometimes not so quiet) day spent with family – well this is how it is for my family.  A day of togetherness:  talking together – yes, sometimes all at the same time and rather loudly, cooking together, eating together, eating some more together and then eating some more together, lazing together, working hard at delaying Monday.  Well, here in Israel it is the first week of the day.  As I’m typing this, I’m also lazily getting ready for my Monday in Israel.  Sunday here is for me Monday.  A full and busy work day.

Rosemare Visser (second from left), a student in the MA in Art Therapy program, with her family in South Africa.

Facebook messages flying across the continents.  Happy Mother’s day!  AWESOME mother!  Bongi, a celeb in my country, sends a beautiful message to all non mothers, forgotten mothers and lonely mothers, offering himself today as their son: Happy Mother’s day!  I’m not sure if this is also Mother’s day here in Israel.  For sure, it is for me.  I love everything about Israel (well, almost everything!), but today…I wish it was Sunday togetherness-day, Mother’s Day in South Africa with me in it, right there with all those who make me a Mother.

Yeah…a bit cheezy, I know.  Bear with me today…a 29 year old 50 year old MOTHER! G2G!


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